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Kranj School Centre for Technical Sciences is a school with a long tradition. In 2006 our school celebrated the 60th anniversary of its foundation.

The Slovene Ministry of Industry founded the Mechanical Factory in Kranj in 1946, and in March of the same year, the Factory took the name of ISKRA. In 1951, a school with the capacity for 300 pupils was built in the close vicinity of the factory, as demands for professionals were constantly on the rise year in year out.


The introduction of oriented education in the school year of 1981/1982 was the next important milestone for the school. By this time, 950 pupils per year who were educated in electrotechnics and engineering could be accommodated at the school.


However, severe shortages of space were now taking their toll on both theoretical and practical lessons. Therefore, the decision to build and finance a new school was undertaken by the Municipality of Kranj and the neighbouring industry. In 1985, the school moved to its new premises where it grew to become a modern education centre with state of the art educational technology, which was the result of the cooperation with Iskra's factories in Kranj.


In the school year 1991/1992, oriented education was abandoned. With provision from the Ministry of Education and Sports, the school became a public establishment named the Kranj Secondary school for Electrotechnics and Engineering which had two units:

  • Specialist grammar school
  • Vocational and technical school,

which offered secondary specialist education programmes from the field of electrotechnics, information sciences and engineering.

In January 2005, the Ministry of Education and Sports adopted the Resolution on the foundation of Kranj School Centre for Technical Sciences, a public educational establishment which since the school year of 2005/2006 has had three units:

  • Vocational and technical school,
  • Specialist grammar school and
  • Vocational college.

Intercompany education and training centre (MIC), the fourth unit, was founded in 2008.

The Centre also organises education programmes for adults.

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