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The School's Mission & Goals, its Facilities and Curriculum

The Kranj School Centre for Technical Sciences is situated in the region of Gorenjska, close to Storžič mountain. In 2006 our school celebrated the 60th anniversary of its foundation.

Within the centre, built in 1985, there are three independent schools which educate and train both students and adults in various fields and to various professional levels.

As the largest local provider of technical training and education, the Secondary school of Technical Sciences, which takes on approximately 1300 students every year, offers two programmes comprising various 3-year secondary vocational courses with the possibility of enrolling on a vocational-technical programme (3 years + 2 years) and 4-year technical courses. The second organizational unit, which was founded in 1998, is the Specialist Grammar School, and its primary goal is to provide students with appropriate knowledge and skills for them to be able to complete their baccalaureate, which in Slovenia is called "Matura". The third unit is the Vocational College. The College of Mechatronics was established in 2005, the College of Informatics was established in 2008, and the College of Electroenergetics was established in 2011. Higher vocational education and training (VET) is vital to prepare individuals for today's society. It is the key to employment, economic success and allowing people to participate fully in society. The Kranj Vocational College takes part in European initiatives to enhance the recognition and quality of competences and qualifications, facilitating the mobility of learners and workers.

Regardless of whether students choose to go to university, college or start working, the Kranj School Centre for Technical Sciences offers a wide variety of programmes, all of which give students a good, solid knowledge base and prepare them for the future: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering and mechatronics. The centre is well equipped with multimedia computers, internet access, laboratories, workshops and other facilities. There is also a library and a dining hall. The national curriculum core subjects taught at our school are Slovenian, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Foreign language (English or German), History, Geography, P.E. and Art. The Centre employs a highly qualified staff of teachers supported by other members of staff working in other non-teaching positions.

The school year is 38 weeks long and is divided into two terms. At the end of their education, students in four-year programmes can choose to take either the baccalaureate or vocational baccalaureate examinations in a range of subjects, while students of three-year vocational programmes take a Final examination.

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