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Extra-curricular Activities

The Centre, however, is not just about studying. It also offers many opportunities to get involved in a wide range of activities in addition to those linked with our main teaching programmes. These include sports, outdoor activities, or various short courses such as foreign languages or IT.
Field trips, excursions, camps, visits and tours are organised as part of our courses. There are plenty of activities and events each year to get involved in, including various art exhibitions, Spring day activities, sports competitions and other extracurricular activities.

A wide variety of sporting activities is available to the students of the Centre, catering for all interests and standards, whether you are just looking for an occasional game or would like to practise sports on a regular basis. Circuit training, gym and fitness sessions are available in the Centre's Sports Hall, which was built in 1997. Our students have achieved good results at basketball, volleyball, football, fitness, table tennis and free climbing, which can also be practised in our sports hall.

Our students also participate in national competitions and have won awards in many different fields, which include various regional and national competitions, awards for various projects and research work, and the Slovenian Literature Award. Regional research work competitions are organised by the school centre every year.

Various cultural events (concerts, poetry recitals) are usually organised at Christmas time and on 8th February to celebrate Prešeren's Day. Well known writers, poets, artists and other celebrities are often invited to visit our school.

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